The Blossoming Of Woman, China Berry Tree Woman by Debra Bernier

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"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change." -Buddha

This incredible sculptured was created by me and mother nature, starting with a Chinaberry tree.
The tree is also known as The Pride of India and has clusters of pretty flowers and small berries. The berries are toxic to humans but enjoyed by birds who become 'drunk' after ingestion.
Sometimes a parasitic plant can cause a mushroom-like growth into the bark of a Chinaberry tree. These beautiful wooden 'blooms' are so hard and dense that they do not decay even after the tree dies. The blooms are then collected and carved by artist. This sculpture symbolizes a woman blooming, like a beautiful flower.
Isn't mother nature amazing!? Available on a convenient three month payment plan. Send me a message to reserve and pay in three small parts over three months.

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