#39 - Meditating Art Card

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These cards are blank inside and so perfect for any occasion. They are 5 X 8 inches and come with a white envelope sealed in a clear protective package.

~Each piece of driftwood I find on the beautiful beaches of Victoria BC, holds a secret story. Where the tree the driftwood came from once grew, how it fell, how long its bits and branches have been turning over in the ocean's waves are all untold.

When I sculpt and carve with the wood I try to image its history and to work with the contours of the wood that have already been shaped by nature and time.~

Are trees in a constant state of meditation? A friend posed this question to me the other day and it became the inspiration for this beautiful and unique meditating driftwood woman. Her rooty hair seems to be blowing in the wind while a small pine-cone flower stays securely tucked behind her ear. Her root-legs are in a kind of lotus position and her perfect, little detailed hands (my favourite part) are turned upwards. A greenish, smooth ringed stone is her grounding center.

She's a beautiful reminder to take a moment sit quietly each day :)