#26 - Totem of Woman Art Card

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We are warmed by fires we did not build. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Totem of Woman was created in honour of the sacred yoni and the unending Spirit of life.

The sculpture may be thought of as one woman, who we witness blossoming through the stages of her life, or it may honour a family, with the grandmother at the top, her protective wings outstretched over her daughter and granddaughters...

Each figure on the pole reaches out to touch the other in love and support just as we must love each other and the child within. A warm golden glow runs through the centre of the figures, symbolic of the unending, unifying Spirit of life which touches each of us.

This listing is for a 5 x 8 inch print or art card. The card features a sculpture I created titled 'Totem of Woman'.

The card is blank inside so can be used for any occasion. My contact information is printed on the back. Each card is shipped out within 1 - 5 business days and comes with an envelope in a clear, protective sleeve.

Thank you for your support of my creative work!

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