#12 - The Nature of Self Art Card

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The farther we peer into space, the more we realize that the nature of the universe cannot be understood fully by inspecting spiral galaxies or watching distant supernovas. It lies deeper. It involves our very selves. ~Robert Lanza

This listing is for a 5 x 8 inch print or art card. The card features a sculpture I created titled 'The Nature of Self'.

It was created with a slice of cedar wood, one inch thick, which has a natural hole in the top centre. The woman, bathed in light and dark, is one with the spiralling nautilus and wood, just as we are one with all of the universe.

The card is blank inside so can be used for any occasion. My logo and contact information is printed on the back. Each card is shipped out within 1 - 5 business days and comes with an envelope in a clear, protective sleeve.

Thank you for your support of my creative work!

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