Ammonite Woman, Ancient Spirit,

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"Those who linger in the beauty and mystery of the earth are never alone."

As a child, I loved to discover a secret world in fossils. I imagined a time long ago where the world was unlike anything we've seen...

Ammonites were fascinating creatures that lived in the sea 65 million years ago. They became extinct, around the same time as the dinosaurs, but their fossils continue to amaze us.

The name 'ammonite' was inspired by the fossilized shells that resemble rams' horns. They are also known as the 'horns of Amun' since the Egyptian god Amun was often depicted wearing ram's horns.

The original Ammonite Woman was created with a real fossil. She speaks of our connection to the past and of an ancient, innate wisdom we each hold.   

This cast sculpture is 4 x 4.5 inches and stands upright. She's hand-painted with intricate detail and each has been dusted with gold, symbolic of her metaphysical nature. *Note the gold did not show up in the photos and sparkles in the light.

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